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Elaborated based on a sample, which represents 65% of the sugarcane processed in Brazilian Centre/South, the monthly reports of Crop Project Canaplan bring exclusive agricultural and economic analysis of the sugarcane season. Access

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The Canaplan Meetings, in addition to introduce our forecasts for sugarcane seasons, have as a differential, a dynamic and holistic approach of agricultural and economics aspects of the season, counting with presentations of major representatives of the segment. Access

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Sugarcane industry

Sugarcane industry

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Macroeconomics and market




LMC Internacional



   Mercado futuro
   Indicador Venc. Valor
   Açúcar 11 - NY May/2019 12,66
   Açúcar 5 - Londres May/2019 323,00
   Etanol - CBOT May/2019 1,3400
   Etanol hidratado - BMF Apr/2019 1.705,00
   Mercado físico
   Açúcar Cristal 67,41
   Açúcar refinado amorfo 1,5581
   Açúcar cristal empacotado 7,3587
   Etanol anidro 1,8554
   Etanol hidratado 1,6478
   Etanol hidratado outros fins 1,6690
   Dólar venda 3,8399
   Paridade açúcar/etanol
   Etanol anidro 2,0967
   Etanol hidratado 2,0445
   Consecana - SP
   ATR - SP 0,5771
   Cana campo - SP 63,01
   Cana esteira - SP 70,39
   Consecana - PR
   ATR - PR 0,5900
   Cana campo - PR 64,43
   Cana esteira - PR 71,96


Caio Carvalho convida a todos a participar da 1ª Reunião Canaplan de 2019.