About Canaplan

Since its foundation in 1983, Canaplan aims to support the producers, always pursuing the competitiveness of sugarcane industry. For 31 years believing and acting in the sugarcane business, Canaplan works in this segment's entire producing chain with a team trained in the fields of engineering, production technologies and market which, allied to strategic partners, enables the company to fully support the entire sugarcane segment.

With a great number of clients and accomplishments, Canaplan, through an integrated view of the sugarcane business, presents as provider of services ranging from projects and technical evaluations, to technologies development and market analysis in the sugarcane industry framework.

Headquartered in Piracicaba (Sao Paulo State), Canaplan has also an office in Sao Paulo city. Throughout its activities, the company has become partner of Bioagencia and LMC International, headquartered in Sao Paulo (SP) and Oxford (United Kingdom), respectively.

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