Crop project

Executed for over 13 years, the Crop Project has become a reference in the context of sugarcane industry, thanks to the partnership between Canaplan and its associates (mills), which together represent 65% of sugarcane processed in Brazilian Centre/South. The project's broad database enables Canaplan working with accurate sugarcane industry production indicators, in its technical and operational components, which are monthly analysed in the reports.

The project consists in the processing of received monthly production indicators from associated mills; such information is used in the elaboration of the reports, which are monthly released serving as an exclusive agricultural benchmarking tool. The reports bring a number of analysis, which present regionalized information encompassing a range of different topics:

  • Evolution of crushing and sugar and ethanol production;
  • Climate and its impacts on the season;
  • Productivity indicators;
  • Sugarcane quality indicators;
  • Sugarcane varieties;
  • Harvesting methods;
  • Planting rate;
  • Sugar and ethanol markets.

By providing an integrated view, which comprises both agricultural and economic aspects, the Project Crop reports are extremely useful not only for sugarcane mills, but also for any company inserted in the sugarcane agribusiness that aims improving its performance.

*Canaplan undertakes maintaining the information provided by mills confidential.

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