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Considered one of the most important events with regard to the forecast and analysis of sugarcane crops, the Canaplan Meeting, held twice a year (April and October), brings to its participants panels dedicated to the discussion of the main aspects related to the sugar-energy sector, both in the technical-agricultural and economic spheres.

The dynamism of the subjects discussed during the meetings gives the event an audience made up of representatives of the different segments of the sugar cane production chain, such as cane producers, mills, trading companies, financial agents, chemical companies, capital goods companies , consultants, among others.

Reuniões Canaplan 2021:

1st Canaplan Week 2021:

26/04/2021 - Webinar - Via Zoom - 17h00

Tema:  1° Visão da Safra 2021/22 – Região Centro Sul

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27/04/2021 - Webinar - Via Zoom - 17h00

Theme: Market and Sectorial Finances - Harvest 2021-22

Registration link:

28/04/2021 - Webinar - Via Zoom - 17h00

Theme: Agricultural Operations and Production Environments - Harvest 2021/22

Registration link:

29/04/2021 - Webinar - Via Zoom - 17h00

Theme: Crop Protection Factors - Crop 2021-22

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30/04/2021 - Webinar - Via Zoom - 17h00

Theme: RenovaBio - Safra 2021/22

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