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CANAPLAN is a consulting and representation company, mainly focused on the sugarcane agro-industrial sector, with 35 years of experience. Created as a performance that would start in the activities of strategic and operational planning for the production units; in the area of ​​raw material quality; in production costs; preparation of projects for the purpose of financing production or equipment; and development of products aimed at the production of sugarcane, which occurred in the first ten years and continues today, CANAPLAN operates in other areas such as:
  • Market consultancy, analyzing the evolution of the harvest and the perspectives from the operational and market technical perspectives (internal and external).
  • Consultancy to companies producing sugar and alcohol, in the various sugarcane regions, in the technical and market areas, through diagnostics and action proposals.
  • Preparation of specific assessments and analyzes on the national sugar and alcohol sector.
  • Preparation of company evaluations and analyzes.
  • International consultancy for several countries and producers in the sugar cane and alcohol sector.
  • Lectures and participation in meetings.
  • “Greenfields” projects.
  • Safra Project, with monthly planning and monitoring, through a representative sample (60% of production) of the productive sector in the Center-South of Brazil, via joint work with production units in the region.
  • Representation of cutting-edge technical products for sugarcane agriculture.

With a vision focused on the sugarcane sector and its products and by-products, in addition to the vision on energy biomass, the CANAPLAN seeks to have an integrated vision of the sector and contribute to increasing sugarcane agro-industrial productivity.

Through its own team and associated consultants, in the technical, financial and commercial areas, the CANAPLAN it can act in all phases of the long sugar cane production chain, including projects and investment analysis in the sector, as well as in the evaluation of sectorial companies.

Its structure consists of two offices, one in Piracicaba and the other in the city of São Paulo.


The CANAPLAN began its work in 1983, focusing on supporting the competitiveness of the sugar-energy sector, mainly in costs, technology and operations, planning and public policies.


It seeks to be a reference in the sugarcane agribusiness sector for the domestic and foreign markets, with a global vision and operations in the country and abroad, with the provision of quality services.