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Executed 13 years ago, the Safra Project has become a reference in the agricultural context of the sugar-energy sector, thanks to the partnership between Canaplan and its associates (production units), which together represent 65% of the sugarcane processed in the Center-South of Brazil. Through the project's wide database, it is possible to work with accurate information from the real world of the production of the sugar-energy sector in its technical-operational components, analyzed monthly.

The project consists of the monthly receipt of production indicators from partner plants, which, after being interpreted and worked on, give rise to monthly reports that are made available to members, serving as an exclusive tool for benchmarking agricultural. The reports include a series of regionalized analyzes covering a variety of topics:

  • Grinding evolution and sugar and ethanol production.
  • Analysis of the climate and its impacts on the harvest.
  • Productivity indicators.
  • Quality indicators of the raw material.
  • Analysis of the harvested varieties.
  • Analysis of harvesting modalities.
  • Evolution of planting rates.
  • Study of the sugar and ethanol markets.

Providing an integrated view that covers agricultural and economic aspects, the reports of the Crop Project they are extremely useful not only for mills, but also for any company that operates in sugarcane agribusiness.

* Canaplan is committed to maintaining the anonymity of the plants in the disclosure of data in the reports.