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Luiz Carlos Corrêa Carvalho
Agronomist graduated from the Luiz de Queiróz School of Agriculture - ESALQ / USP (1973), with postgraduate courses in Agronomy and Business Administration at USP's School of Economics and Administration and Vanderbilt University (USA).
  • Since 1983 he has been Director of CANAPLAN - a private company that works in consulting and projects for the sugar and alcohol sector.
  • He is the Market Relations Director of the Alto Alegre S / A plants (02 units in São Paulo and 03 units in Paraná).
  • Partner at Bioagencia, a company that sells sugar and ethanol in the domestic and foreign markets.
  • Presidente da ABAG – Associação Brasileira do Agronegócio (2012-2017).
  • President of the National Academy of Agriculture of the SNA.
  • Counselor to UNICA - Union of the Sugarcane Industry.
  • Director of AMCESP - Association of Sugarcane Municipalities and Energy Agriculture of the State of São Paulo.
  • Representative of Brazil in the International Alliances of the North American Pro-Ethanol Governors Coalition.
  • Member of the Superior Council for Agribusiness, of FIESP - Federation of Industries of the State of São Paulo, since September / 2006.
  • Advisor to UDOP - Union of Bioenergy Producers.
  • Member of the Agribusiness Strategic Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply, since July / 2012.
  • Advisor to FEALQ - Fundação de Estudos Agrários Luiz de Queiroz. (2004-2010).
  • Advisor to CTC - Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira (2004 - 2007).
  • President, as representative of the private sector, of the Sectorial Chamber of the Sugar and Alcohol Production Chain, of the Brazilian Government, Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (April / 2003 to January / 2007).
  • Member of the Advisory Chamber for Sugar and Alcohol at BM&F - Bolsa de Mercadoria & Futuros (2005/2006).
  • He was Coordinator of the Group that created CONSECANA - Council of Sugar Cane, Sugar and Alcohol Producers of the State of São Paulo (1998 - 2003).
  • Superintendent of UNICA - Union of Sugarcane Agroindustry of the State of São Paulo (1997/2002).
  • Executive Director of AIAA - Association of the Sugar and Alcohol Industries of the State of São Paulo (1990/1997).
  • Member of the Executive Group of the Sugar and Alcohol Sector in the Pact for Employment in the State of São Paulo (1999/2000).
  • General Superintendent of Planalsucar - National Sugarcane Research Program (1979/1983); Modernization Director at IAA - Sugar and Alcohol Institute (1985/86); Executive Secretary of CENAL - National Executive Committee on Alcohol (1985/86).
  • Delegate of Brazil to GEPLACEA - Group of Latin American and Caribbean Countries - Sugar Exporters (1975/1983).
  • He has published several articles and is a co-author of sectorial books in Brazil and abroad. He is a speaker at several national and international congresses and meetings.
  • Holder of the Walter Accorsi awards (ESALQ); Fernando Costa Medal (AEASP - Association of Agricultural Engineers of the State of São Paulo); Bunge Foundation 2007 (Life and Achievement - Agroenergy category); SAE Brasil 2008 (Agricultural Machinery category); Agricultural Engineer of the Year 2011 (AEASP - Association of Agricultural Engineers of the State of São Paulo) and IAC 2013 (IAC - Instituto Agronômico de Campinas, Personality of Agribusiness category).
Fernando Moraes Corrêa Carvalho
Economist, graduated from UNIMEP - Faculty of Management and Business of the Methodist University of Piracicaba (2004). Specialization Course in Investment and Management in the Sugarcane Agroindustry (not completed).
  • Canaplan Consultoria Técnica LTDA: (since 2005):
    • Control and management of information related to the Safra Canaplan Project, a sample of sugar and alcohol producing units, which evaluates and develops Crop Forecasting and monthly agricultural monitoring of the Center / South region.
    • Participation in agricultural assessments for the implantation of new industrial units.
    • Participation in studies of agricultural and industrial production costs.
    • Project development. 
  • Grupo Dedini - Internship at the Control and Costs Department (03/2003 to 07/2004):
    • Daily monitoring in the control of fixed costs;
    • Monitoring the development of monthly management reports;
    • Preparation of specific cost studies by department;
    • Industrial labor productivity audit and analysis;
  • Grupo COSAN - Internship in the Commercial Department (03/2000 to 09/2000):
    • Performance in the area of ​​Sugar and Ethanol for the domestic market.
    • Monitoring of production and control of sugar and alcohol stocks.
    • Monitoring and execution of contracts for the sale of crystal sugar and ethanol for the domestic market.
    • Monitoring of VHP sugar transport negotiations to Santos.
Denis Oliveira
Geographer, graduated from the University of the State of Santa Catarina - UDESC, MsC from the Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC, in the area of ​​Conservation and Use of Natural Resources and an MBA from FMU-SP in the area of ​​Energy, Oil and Gas.
  • Canaplan Consultoria Técnica LTDA (since 2016):
    • Receipt of information regarding the Safra Canaplan Project, a sample of sugar and alcohol producing units, which evaluates and develops Crop Forecasting and monthly agricultural monitoring in the Center / South region.
    • Participation in agricultural evaluations for the implantation of new industrial units, with regard to the administrative part of the project.
    • Responsible for administrative and financial control of the company and projects.
  • Federal University of Santa Catarina - UFSC (08/2014 to 04/2016):
    • INCT researcher.
    • Responsible for sediment analysis.
    • Participation in academic studies in the environmental area. 
  • MVC Boilermaking and Industrial Assembly (06/2004 to 02/2014):
    • Administrative and financial director.
    • Responsible for finance and HR.
Associated Consultants:

Associated Consultants:

Bernardo Yasuhiro Ide
Agronomist and MsC, graduated from the Luiz de Queiróz School of Agriculture - ESALQ / USP.
  • Canaplan Consultoria Técnica Ltda. (since 2017)
    • Coordination of sugarcane productivity and quality improvement projects.
  • Odebrecht Agroindustrial S.A (2013 – 2017)
    • Technical Manager of operational support in production planning, quality of agricultural processes and production forecast.
  • COSAN Indústria e Comércio S.A (1995 – 2011):
    • Project Advisor (2008 onwards): Coordinate the quality monitoring program for agricultural operations (planting, cultivating and harvesting sugarcane), technically coordinating the Accelerated Development Program (Training support program, today with 45 senior professionals in the agricultural area ), coordinate the project for calculating greenhouse gas emissions.
    • Technical manager of the Jaú regional (2006 to 2008) - Coordinate the agronomic development program (planning and control of cane production in 4 industrial units with approximately 12 million tons of cane / year.
    • Agricultural operational auditor (1995 to 2005) - Audit of agricultural production processes in a corporate way, reporting directly to the presidency.
  • CITROVITA/VOTORANTIN (1992 to 1994):
    • Raw material planning manager.
    • Coordinate the harvest planning and quality control of the fruits at the CATANDUVA (SP) industrial unit, 10,000 boxes / day.
  • FRUTESP/COOPERCITRUS (1990 to 1992):
    • Raw material planning manager.
    • Coordinate the harvest planning and quality control of the fruits at the BEBEDOURO (SP) industrial unit, 25,000 boxes / day.
  • Usina Santa Helena / Bom Jesus (1989 to 1990):
    • Agricultural planning manager.
    • Coordinate the production planning and control of the SANTA HELENA unit (PIRACICABA) with daily delivery of 10,000 tons of sugarcane.
  • Copersucar Technology Center (1979 to 1989):
    • Specialized researcher.
    • Coordinator of the optimized harvest planning program in cooperative plants.
    • Coordinator of the training program for agronomy professionals for cooperative units.
    • Implementation of networks of meteorological observations and irrigation programs and application of vinasse.
    • Research on climate impacts on cane production, cane cultivation, seedling quality, land cover, maturation and flowering.
  • EMBRAPA - Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (1976 to 1980):
    • Researcher at EMBRAPA, during the Master's course in Agrometeorology and Researcher at EMPRESA CATARINENSE DE PESQUISA AGROPECUÁRIA-EMPASC.
    • Coordinator of the Agrometeorology group, responsible for the AGROCLIMATIC ZONING OF THE STATE OF SANTA CATARINA, which prepared the work for 31 plant species in 3 years (1978 to 1980).
  • Cooperativa Agrícola de Cotia (1974 to 1975):
    • Agronomist technical assistant to produce vegetables in the green belt of São Paulo, seed potatoes and apples in Santa Catarina.
    • Technical assistant of the project of implementation of the colonization project for apple production in São Joaquim (SC).
Ciro Sitta
Agronomist graduated from the Luiz de Queiróz School of Agriculture - ESALQ / USP (2013). In 2014, he received the Top Ethanol Award, with work on the sizing, feasibility analysis and quality of the system of preparation of deep soil cultivated in the cultivation of sugar cane.
  • Canaplan Consultoria Técnica LTDA. (since 2012):
    • Responsible for the control and management of information related to the Safra Canaplan Project.
    • Participation and support in agricultural evaluation of production units in the Center-South region.
    • Participation in the development and monitoring of new production technologies for the sugar cane sector. 
  • LMC International (01/2013 – 03/2013):
    • Professional improvement in the area of ​​agricultural commodities. 
  • Sugarcane Study Group (GECA) - ESALQ / USP (2010 - 2012):
    • Member and Coordinator (2012) of the group that works in the development of research, experimentation and studies focused on the sugar-energy sector.
Ericson Marino
Agronomist, graduated from the Luiz de Queiróz School of Agriculture - ESALQ / USP (1966), with a specialization in Rural Engineering.
  • He started his career in the sugar and ethanol area at the end of 1966, being his first job as an Agronomist and Field Manager at Usina Santa Clara SA, located in Bento Quirino, a district in the city of São Simão.
  • In May 1968 he took over the industrial management of Usina Tamoio and in 1970 he was appointed Agroindustrial Director of this plant.
  • In January 1976, he was hired by Grupo Votorantim as Superintendent Director of Tiuma and São José sugar cane mills, both units located in the State of Pernambuco.
  • In January 1978, he assumed the position of Industrial Superintendent of Usina Da Barra, located in the city of Barra Bonita (SP). In 1980 he was appointed to the position of Superintendent of Agroindustrial Production at this plant, thus being responsible for the industrial and agricultural areas and also responsible for the area of ​​sugarcane suppliers. In 1984 he assumed the position of Managing Director of Usina Da Barra, maintaining this position until January 1986.
  • In February 1986 he was hired as Production Director for a set of plants that would become the Cosan Group until 1995.
  • He worked as a Consultant for one year and then started to work as Agroindustrial Director of Usina Delta SA, a sugar mill located in Delta (MG) 1, this plant being owned by Mausa SA.
  • In May 2001 he became Director of Agroindustrial Production at Usina Albertina, located in the Ribeirão Preto-SP region.
  • In March 2003, he was appointed Agroindustrial Director of the São Martinho Group, being responsible for the agroindustrial production area of ​​the three units of this group, Usina São Martinho and Usina Iracema, the two plants located in the State of São Paulo, and Usina Boa Vista, located in the State of Goiás, until March 2010.
  • From April 2010 until March 2012, he held the position of Superintendent of Research and Development at the São Martinho Group and accumulated a responsibility as Director representative on the Board of SMA Indústrias Químicas, a biochemical industry belonging to a joint venture between Amyris (USA) and Usina São Martinho.
  • He is currently working as an independent consultant in areas related to his past experience.
Júlio Marcos Campanhão
Agronomist and MsC, from UNESP-Jaboticabal. He made a study trip to Australia (1996), USA (1997) and Argentina (2005), all related to the culture of sugar cane. Participated in the organization of several events in the sector, and taught classes in graduate courses at UNESP in Jaboticabal and Ilha Solteira.
  • Canaplan Consultoria Técnica LTDA. (since 2001):
    • Collaborator of the Safra Project with associated plants / distilleries (60% of sugarcane in the Center / South region). The project monitors the harvest of the units associated with monthly benchmarking and performance reports. It carried out evaluations and diagnostics in the states of Minas Gerais, Goiás, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Bahia and Amazonas, in existing units or for the implementation of new projects.
  • Andrade Group (since 2001):
    • Technical advisor to the board in the agricultural production processes, providing services in several areas in the two production units of the group: Pitangueiras (3,000,000 tons) and Colina (2,000,000 tons), state of São Paulo. Currently owned by Açúcar Guarani - Grupo Tereos.
  • Usina São Martinho S / A - Sugar and Alcohol ( 05/1980 – 07/2000):
    • Plant health coordinator (from May 1980 to April 1988).
    • Research and Development Coordinator (April 1988 to April 1998).
    • Technical support for agricultural production (April 1998 to July 2000).
    • In the Research & Development area, he carried out more than 200 research works in the areas of plant health, agricultural mechanization, plant nutrition and the development of sugarcane varieties.
Dr. Nilceu Piffer Cardozo
Agronomist, PhD, graduated from the Faculty of Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences, UNESP of Jaboticabal, where he received the “Agronomy” award in 2008. He has a specialization in sugarcane cultivation by the Agronomic Institute of Campinas (2007), in Agribusiness by FUNDACE / USP (2009), in Investment and Management of the Sugar and Alcohol Sector by PECEGE / ESALQ, whose monograph earned him the prize for Best Lato Sensu work in the 3rd Top Ethanol (2012). In 2012 he completed a PPG master's degree in Agricultural Systems Engineering at the Higher School of Agriculture “Luiz de Queiroz”, from the University of São Paulo, working with modeling the maturation of sugarcane, work carried out in partnership with the Raízen group. In 2013, he completed a specialization in Agricultural Soil Management, in a job that simulated the productivity of irrigated cane fields and the CO2 emission resulting from different systems adopted. In December 2017, he completed a Doctorate at UNESP / Botucatu in Ecophysiology of sugar cane flowering.
  • He is agricultural supervisor at Fazenda Santa Fé, Taquaritinga-SP;
  • Sugarcane Technology Center (2012 - 2014): Development of Sugarcane Varieties;
  • Raízen (2011-2012): Agronomic Development and Agricultural Planning. Developed technical assessment and improvement of agricultural practices, such as alternating spacing for sugarcane, systems for predicting flowering and maturation. In the group, he obtained Green Belt, with Six Sigma training, in work to reduce the consumption of seedlings in mechanized planting of sugarcane;
  • COSAN (2010 – 2011): Quality Supervisor of Agricultural Operations, Usina da Barra;
  • Atuou no programa de melhoramento de cana-de-açúcar do Brasil (Centro de Tecnologia Canavieira).
  • More than 90 works presented in national and international congresses and magazines. Participation in more than 30 congresses and scientific events.
Associated companies

Associated companies

LMC International, a company with offices in Oxford; New York; Washington and Indonesia. It is an independent business and economic consulting company for the agribusiness sector worldwide. From crops and agricultural commodities to agro-industrial products and end uses, it provides global business and market analysis on issues of production and demand, prices, including forecasts, market and policies.

RDR Consultores Associados Ltda., company located in São Paulo, with extensive experience acquired over the last 20 years, providing consultancy services to many different organizations across the country, as well as to large multinationals in Entrepreneurship and Business Management Consulting with a focus on the business sector. agribusiness, mainly in the sugar and ethanol industry. The main business areas of RDR Consultores Associados are: Economy and financial consultancy; Business management; Merger and acquisition transaction advice; Valuation of assets and financial companies.

BIOAGÊNCIA, independent company located in São Paulo, which acts as an important marketing channel for the products of the Sugar and Ethanol Plants, nationwide. Provides commercial, operational and logistical support for the entire marketing chain.